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In Other News – 29 July 2015

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ION windows 10

When life closes one door, it opens a window. No, it doesn’t and that’s just a dumb expression, but 10 windows opened today. Or is it that Windows 10 launched today? That’s it! Congrats on the new operating system, PC people. May your upgrade be quick and the data ever in your favor.

In Other News Razer to right Ouya’s wrongs, use your Amiibos on older Nintendo systems in October and Kamehamehahahahahahahaha, stop panicking the Bandai Namco DB Xenoverse servers aren’t going down.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy trying to reenact Darryn’s failed attempt at plugging in an Xbox One headset.


Nidhogg update addresses online multiplayer issues on PC
Bandai Namco Addresses The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Online Service Error Message
Microsoft Runs Down Windows 10’s Xbox Live Overlap
Snipers and tanks showcased in Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces trailers


3DS NFC Reader/Writer dated for October in Europe
Razer proposes solution to Ouya’s ‘Free The Games’ debt
Rocket League tips from history’s greatest sports figures
Get Far Cry 4 and more cheap in the PSN Summer Sale


Skylanders aquatic vehicle gameplay

Why Movie Cops Are Terrible At Their Jobs

King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember | Launch trailer

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