In Other News – 31 August 2012 Weekend Edition

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And with that, so comes another month to the end of it’s 31 day life. And good riddance says I! Go on, get outta here! We don’t need your gloomy winter weather! Summer is coming, and there is no room for you and your habit of making a person wear pants! Na na na na, na na na nah, hey hey heeeey, goodbye!

In Other News: Wait a little longer for Final Fantasy 13 Versus, go mental with a special edition for an obscure game, beat up some internet cafe addicts, ride into the horizon with Forza and find out whether or not Kratos may be Batman.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy drawing up a  list of people to cut up with a rusty spoon.


Final Fantasy 13 Versus – Please wait a little longer, says Wada
Gotham City Impostors free to play arrives on Steam very quietly
Guild Wars 2 permabans 3000 players over infractions
Endless Space warps onto Mac
Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection announced
Internet addiction clinics are cracking down on beatings
Forza Horizon screenshots hit the open road
This collectors edition is an anime fan’s dream


Four dumb arguments against Trophies/Achievements
Skyrim mods that should be used
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes secrets revealed and analysed
The Noob Hater: Don’t be that guy


Mechwarrior Tactics – Developer Diary Overview
FIFA 13 – Ultimate Team Trailer
Activision Anthology – Launch trailer

Across the Networks

Is Amazon preparing for a new generation of Kindles?
Stroke victims could soon move again thanks to thought-controlled exoskeletons
And the next big celebrity hologram is Ronal Reagan
God of War writers liken their Kratos tale to a Batman origin story
Friday Fight Club – Who do your elf eyes see winning here?
It’s a colourful world in these Pacific Rim pictures
Solid Snake has a silver screen in his sights
Don’t talk to Bruce Willis about time travel in this new Looper clip
Michael Shannon is ice cold in this red band trailer for The Iceman
Movies opening today – From sci-fi remakes to sugar men
Retrospection – Jacobs Ladder
There’s no F–ing cops in this red band trailer for Seven Psychopaths

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Last Updated: August 31, 2012

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