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In Other News – 7 November 2013

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So, with Darryn off to sunny California while Gavin goes to Cape Town to talk about something or other, Geoff and I have held down the fort today. I keep singing that "just the two of us" song to him, but he doesn’t chime in.

Your homegrown hottie is Jessica Wood, the face of Calvin Klein, but she’s afraid of moths, so if you land a date with her you’d better not rent Silence of the Lambs. She doesn’t like pretentious people and she blushes when complimented.

In Other News: Adam Orth can’t deal with online toxicity, Blockbuster goes bust, Super Meat Boy is super cheap and You Don’t Know Jack.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today because I was too busy thinking of bizarre punishments to dish out to slacker interns.


Adam Orth, the man who became the "Deal with it" meme, is fighting internet toxicity
Capcom fell short of 1080p Xbox target
Diablo III has sold 14 million copies across PC and console version.
You Don’t Know Jack complete collection is coming to Steam
Blockbuster is closing all US retail stores
PS4 launching in Korea in time for Christmas
Australia government to review 12 game classifications


This Dota 2 courier will set you back $38 000
Super Meat Boy is going for $3 during Steam’s Midweek Sale
Metro: Last Light to ship with Steam Machine prototypes
Does COD:Ghosts borrow cutscene from Modern Warfare?


We still can’t get over how bad this COD: Ghosts foliage looks

Go behind the scenes on at that awesome Xbox One commercial

Dendi shows off some crazy skills in this team fight

Check out some iOS Rayman

What’s on at The Movies

Check out Anchorman 2 TV spot and character posters
This trailer for The Raid 2:Berandal will make you punch walls
Dwayne Johnson headlining Seal Team 666
New TV spot for Lone Survivor

Model: Jessica Wood

Last Updated: November 7, 2013

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