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In Other News – April 20, 2011

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If there’s one thing that you need to do with today’s ION (besides gawk at the header image that I had to PG-up slightly even though you can follow the link below to whole gallery), it’s to check out Jace Hall’s Mortal Kombat rap remix music video, I have bolded the link so that you don’t miss it.

We got a ton of other great links in here as well today, so check ’em out.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were contacting Valve and NetherRealm Studios for official word on a real Portal Kombat crossover.


PS3 Version of Portal 2 Becomes One of The Highest Rated Games Ever
Can You Really do This in Uncharted 3′s Multiplayer?
Crash Bandicoot Cry Engine 2 screens make you want it on PS3
Professor cancels class in wake of Portal 2 “flu”
Sony and Geohot agree to a digital content biography for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Rumor: Freddy And Jason Coming To Mortal Kombat
Metacritic users strike again: Portal 2 gets slew of negative reviews


Portal 2: How Steam looks on the PlayStation 3
Portal 2: Visual comparison between PC, Xbox 360 and PS3
Analysis: Sony’s Prospects As a Single-Platform Company In 2011


Battlefield 3 Backgrounds and Vehicles Revealed
Portal 2 on PS3: How to redeem the free Steam copy for your PC
Portal 2 Co-op | Full Access Playthrough
Gears of War 3 multiplayer executions
Jace Hall Mortal Kombat remix music video
Portal 2 Has a Secret Super 8 Movie Trailer

Header: Yolandi Malherbe (found via Mojodojo.co.za)

Last Updated: April 20, 2011

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