In Other News – August 16, 2010

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Today’s ION post may as well be called the “Unreality Mag” edition, mainly because the site has posted up a ton of awesome gaming related posts of awesomeness that you will want to check out. So check the “stuff and video” lists.

There’s lots more though, including an awesome collection of everything that every Starcraft unit has to say, awesome Scott Pilgrim GIFs and the insane new gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Human Evolution.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because… well damn, look at that list!


Flight Control PS3 details
Plants vs Zombies coming to PSN?
Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets first gameplay trailer – It’s awesome First gameplay trailer for F1 2010


[PIC] Facebook in the Mass Effect universe
[PIC] Super Smash Brothers – Fight Club
10 Notable examples of food and its effects in video games
Reality vs Fiction: Real locations vs video game locations
Impressive Gears of War 3 GIFs
How to get girls to love gaming
Great Scott Pilgrim vs The World animated GIFs


Awesome real-life Time Crisis vid from those blokes who made the Modern Warfare 2 short films
Hilarious Korean Starcraft league commercial
10 great video game themes played by orchestras
Everything every unit in Starcraft 2 has to say
The most insane Just Cause 2 stunt ever

Header image of Sarah Kerrigan is thanks to Shiramune on Deviant Art.

Last Updated: August 16, 2010

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