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In Other News – August 29, 2011

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A lot of us are all yawning and dozing off today thanks to this weekend catering to way too many hours of dedicated Deus Ex gaming time. Goodness knows that the game has exceeded expectations, especially for fans of the original like me. It’s times like these when you remember why it rocks so much to be a gamer (and don’t forget what’s still coming).

In Other News: 10 tips to help you finish every game, tweak Deus Ex to run like a dream on your PC, Uncharted 3 gameplay video and apparently everyone on PSN has a mic?

Here’s the news we didn’t post because… *yaaaaaaawn*.


DICE’s Karl-Magnus on No PC Mod Tools for Battlefield 3 and that Frame-Rate Thing
The Gunstringer Box Art Revealed
The Sims Social: Reported 10 million Players
Brothers In Arms franchise will return to Sgt. Baker
New Dead Rising 2: Off the Record screens showcase psychopaths
Will gamers continue to support Capcom?
One More Week Left To Vote For Collector’s Edition Of WWE ’12
PAX: Mass Effect 3 not getting Origins-Story Comic at launch
New Halo 4 art


10 tips to help you finish every game that you start
Everybody on PSN has a mic
Borderlands 2 wallpaper
Exclusive DLC does more harm than good.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Tweak Guide
10 games this September that will be heavy on your wallet


How Halo Action Figures Are Made
Uncharted 3 Gameplay Videos From PAX Prime 2011
The Evolution of a BioShock Infinite Scene, in Two Minutes

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