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In Other News – December 13, 2010

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The VGA awards took place this weekend and even though it led to a lot of groans and sighs, we did at least get a ton of new announcements and trailers.

Mass Effect 3, Forza 4, Resistance 3, a new Elder Scrolls… its just too much for a mere gamer geeks brain to process. Thanks to some afternoon internet ISP issues, we weren’t able to get the ION post up in its usual slot. To say sorry for our ISP, I have hunted down some really large apologies for you which just happened to be attached to Gemma Atkinson (hothtohtohtohtohtothot).

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were robbing our neighbours to make up enough money for next year’s gaming release schedule.


Mass Effect 3 launching simultaneously on PS3 and Xbox 360
Batman: Arkham City – Calendar Man spotted
Forza 4 gets words from Turn 10
Rumor: Sony Ben working on Uncharted PSP2 title
Resistance 3 will be darker and more focused
Final Fantasy IV compilation set for PSP
SSD halves GT5 loading times
Mass Effect 2 demo hits PSN on December 21
Bioware: “Our best work is still ahead of us”
Forza 4 will be most realistic racer ‘on any console’ – Microsoft  


VGA awards Live Blog Poll results – what people really think
7 games in 2010 that could have sucked but didn’t (but didn’t)  
Resistance 3 screenshots
2 new Arkham City screenshots
2011 Xbox 360 vs PS3 Exclusives


Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010 – Pre-Show
SSX: Deadly Descents – debut trailer
Prototype 2 – debut trailer
Insane – Guillermo Del Torro’s debut teaser
Deadliest Warrior: The Game – DLC trailer
Thor – debut trailer

Header: Gemma Atkinson

Last Updated: December 13, 2010

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