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In Other News – February 11, 2011

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So like wow, today’s date is a palindrome, which if you didn’t know, means that it reads the same forwards or backwards – in this case its 11 02 2011. Cool, eh? Ok not so amazing, so let’s carry on.

It’s the weekend and this is usually the part where I tell you that I am looking forward to a great weekend of gaming goodness, but the truth is that I have realised over time that no matter how hard I try, I just completely fail at being a hermit.

One moment I am sitting on my couch loading up a brand new video game, the next moment I am all dressed up sitting having drinks with people somewhere. This new “social interaction” craze needs to be stopped. If that stuff goes unchecked you never know what might become of it.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because I was trying to handcuff myself to my couch.

This Week on Lazygamer:

Beware: DC Universe Is Locked To PSN Account – Selling and Trading Ain’t Happening
DC Universe Online Review – For Might, Fights And Tights
Sports Island Freedom Review
Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party Not Available To South Africa  
Incredible Connection slashes 50% off selected EA games
Gameloft are now blatantly.. and I mean blatantly.. ripping off Starcraft 2


Killzone 3 720p Screenshot Blow-Out
Raptr roars past six million members and secures additional $15M financing
Bulletstorm’s Violence and Comedy Will Attract New FPS Fans
Major Nelson Taunts Kevin Butler’s Battleship Mistake
Codemasters: “We must get away from big names”
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Character List Breakdown
Rock Band devs comment on Guitar Hero getting the axe   
Sony Is Not Allowed To Ask Google For The PS3 Hacker’s Names


We Really Do Need to Make Sports Game MORE Realistic!
The Jimquisition: Pirates, admit you’re f*cking thieves
Call of Duty Will Be the Next Guitar Hero
Killzone 3 Trophies And Strategy Guide Unveiled
Does Activision’s survival rely too much on Call of Duty?


Check Out This Grand Theft Auto IV Full Length Feature Film
DiRT 3: Finland gameplay
Crysis 2: Multiplayer Progression Part 1: The Nanosuit

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Last Updated: February 11, 2011

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