In Other News – July 21, 2010

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Thanks to the announcement of Microsoft’s Kinect pricing last night, we have had a really interesting day reading and comparing everyones reactions to the decision.

The internet is ablaze with websites, forums and social sites going absolutely ballistic over what everyone considers to be a price that just isn’t reasonable in their minds. Well, you can take a load off now by looking through all these other news and gaming related gems instead.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were dividing R1999.99 by 7.55.


Limbo kicks-of XBL Summer of Arcade
NowGamer Kinect survey – 75% won’t buy
Kinect price could drop next year – Codemasters
Sony releases comparison chart to show us how awesome the Move is


Xbox 360 vs PS3 – Native 1080p head-to-head  
It’s Art – Modern Warfare 2 as you’ve never seen it before
Teen steals Nintendo DS to impress his betty
Top 10 Red Dead Redemption glitches
Final Fantasy Cosplay of the week


Medal of Honour – Multiplayer Beta Interview
DC Universe Online – cinematic teaser
Kane & Lynch 2 – single player gameplay
Darkspore debut teaser trailer
Dead Space 2 – Hot for the Holidays interview
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 3 – Hot for the Holidays interview

Last Updated: July 21, 2010

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