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In Other News – July 27 2011

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Corissa Furr

Well, we’ve reached the middle of the week, with the soul-sucking apathy of Wednesday giving way to that glimmer of hope that is Thursday, which means that the glorious weekend is on the way. I’ve got some decent gaming lined up, testing out a few new titles, and have already begun prepping my game den to combat the cold front that is predicted. I’ve bought several rolls of duct tape, deep heat and hot water bottles, and have begun fattening up my kitty. Bring it on winter

In Other News: We got some Irish in our rugby, we learnt that some video game studios just wont learn from past mistakes, and we had a half time show that made us appreciate our gaming geekiness. Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to duct tape hot water bottles and fat, furry cats onto our bodies.


Metal Gear Solid 3DS delayed
Reserve Stronghold 3, get the first Stronghold free
Double Dragon 2 remake heading for Xbox Live
Phantasy Star 2 Online Alpha to begin soon
Another look at Sherlock Holmes: Testimony
Punch your way to victory with Kung Fu High Impact
The Dead Island trailer is a misconception
Final Fantasy 13-2 will rectify every mistake that Final Fantasy 13 made


The Playstation Doll
Can a 10 core PC run Crysis?
Glenn Beck compares Angry birds to Nazis
There’s a Dead Island book
Xbox 360 gets a sleek new bluetooth kit


Comic Con Uncharted 3 exclusive cinematic
Guild Wars 2 story preview
Street Fighter versus Tekken silliness
From Dust launch trailer

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Last Updated: July 27, 2011

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