In Other News – July 6, 2010

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In Other News is finally back to bring you all of the other goodies you may have missed (not to mention those header images that we keep needing to justify).

Of all the great stuff in the list today, I really need to highlight Coma, an amazing flash game that has some better art and music direction than most AAA titles. It’s mesmerizing and I suggest you give it a quick look at the very least.

I just want to thank Gamestate’s celebrity co-op video for giving me the excuse to post up a header image of the very lovely Genevieve Morton.


Coma – Flash game – amazing art and music, seriously… play this now.


SEGA not making Alpha Protocol 2
Details for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Special Edition
Capcom teasing huge announcement
Medal of Honour beta keys available now
Sony considering new SKU’s


The story of Running with Scissors
14 things you didn’t know about handheld gaming


Gamestate Celebrity Co-op – Genevieve Morton

Last Updated: July 6, 2010

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