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In Other News – June 8, 2011

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Firstly, yes she is damn fine and we have our own reader Nathan Moore to thank for submitting the image for today’s header.

In other news: More Wii-U online details coming, Guitar Hero isn’t dead, Microsoft thinks that people “love” sequels, The Wii U may breathe life into the Vita, New Arkham City screenshots, Forza 4 videos and a lot more after the jump.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were inspecting the new Tomb Raider images with a X 20 zoom to ensure that her boobs look real.

They do.


Wii U – that’s not all! More details coming tomorrow – including online
First Hi-res images of the new Wii U console and controller
Bethesda: Interplay intends to undermine Fallout 3’s plotline
Arkham City: Hugo Strange’s hidden message for Batman
Sony: PS Vita and PS3 could replicate Wii U system
Microsoft: People “love” sequels
Skyrim to “get away from the stats,” be “really accessible”
The Guitar Hero Franchise… Not as Discontinued as We Thought?
E3 ’11 EXCLUSIVE: First Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details


New Batman: Arkham City screenshots
Five Most Shocking Game Announcements of E3 2011
Are Motion Controls Really “Casual” for First Person Shooters?
Dead Island Screenshots
E3 2011: First 9 screens released for Tekken Tag Tournament HD


Forza 4 – E3 2011 6 Off Screen Gameplay Videos
Ninja Gaiden 3 – 8 Minutes Off Screen Gameplay Video
Forza 4 Demonstration

Header: Amanda Righetti

Last Updated: June 8, 2011

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