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In Other News – March 7, 2011

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The sun is shining, the surf is up and the Lazygamer team are slowly beginning to trust my Capetonian ways. So much so, that they decided to let me out of my cage and even post today’s ION.

So here’s the news we didn’t post because everyone was too busy throwing garden furniture at the weirdo with a surfboard. Well except for Miklós, he was the furniture.


Microsoft to steal E3? GDC Unreal Engine demo is possible on Xbox 360 in 720p
PS3 CHART: Killzone 3 outpunches Fight Night Champion
Homefront Leaked to Torrent Sites
New Socom 4 screens doesn’t do the PS3 justice
MS: ‘You’re going to see more and more core Kinect games’
Ocarina of Time 3DS Has Master Quest


Which video game character would be the best girlfriend?
How much Bandwidth does the PS3 use?
These Tomb Raider Trilogy PS2 / PS3 HD Comparison Screens Look Marvelous


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Robot Chicken Commercial
Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 2 Comparison Video

Header: Marisa Miller

Last Updated: March 7, 2011

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