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In Other News – March 8, 2011

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Are you a brown couch? No? Well then, as you can see from the header image, it sucks to be you.

So EA seems pretty happy with the sales of the Mass Effect 2 Blu-ray edition, otherwise known as the PS3 version. It’s actually great to see that a great game got the love that it deserved. That and a ton more in the links today, check below.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were discussing the similarities between Wayne Rooney and a swamp monster. We think the swamp monster is getting a bad rap.


EA chuffed with Mass Effect 2 PS3 sales
Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil more than “trendy features”
Uncharted 3’s villain revealed
LG’s PS3 injunction “risky strategy”
Homefront campaign is ‘five hours long’
XBLA Portable Integration For Xbox Coming This E3?
Brink Going Public During PAX East  
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Release Date Revealed


Can you beat a computer at Rock Paper Scissors
Dragon Age 2 – How to boost your graphics


Midnight Club 5 gets concept video
MvC3′s Jill Valentine & Shuma-Gorath trailers out
Dead Space 2 developer diary: Evolution of story
Dirt 3 Developer Interview

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Last Updated: March 8, 2011

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