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In Other News – September 01 Spring day edition

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Oh glorious day, its the first of September, which means that we can finally bitch-slap winter away with a hand of warmth and awesome upcoming summer goodness. Its the season that is best suited for showing some skin, as you’ll have no doubt seen in our lovely homegrown hottie above, Jessie James.

She’s got the name of a famous bandit and has definitely stolen my heart, thanks to her being a lawyer who loves Formula 1 motorsport. Check out the link here for an interview with the Jozi native.

In Other News: A galaxy far away is hacked, what to expect from Sony at this years Tokyo Game Show and more wrestlers than you can shake a bottle of steroids at. Here’s the news we didn’t post, because Gavin was sitting on a chair drinking an ice cold beer while the rest of us were digging foundations for his new pool.


Why you should buy Dead Island
Law firm sues Take2 Interactive
Limited Edition Modern Warfare 3 gaming peripherals are coming
Sony’s Tokyo Game Show line up
Hellboy Director explains his love for Call of Duty
Capcom isn’t looking to merge with other Japanese studios
Bayonetta 2 rumours proven false
4 more wrestlers added to WWE 12 roster
Bioware on the future of Dragon Age
Star Wars Galaxies fansite hacked


Is Deus Ex racist?
The disturbing evolution of Arkham City’s Harley Quinn
Top Ten video game battle themes
Are single-player games in decline
The year in gaming so far
The perfect world of Skyrim


Final Fantasy XIII features walkthrough at PAX
Uncharted 3 ground and sky video
Assassins Creed Revelations making of an encyclopedia
Dead Island launch trailer

Model: Jessica James

Last Updated: September 1, 2011

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