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In Other News – September 13, 2010

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So like… did any of you see the Dead Space 2 multiplayer reveal (linked below)?

What’s better than soiling your pants while sitting on your couch playing games? I know, making your friends brown his pants on his own couch instead! Halo Reach is out in the morning and is undergoing the usual formula of people who are excited arguing with people who say this it’s overrated.

What do you think, and are you gonna pick it up? Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all spamming a competition on Twitter to try and win a free iPad.


New book to explore entrepreneurship in gaming industry
SEGA accidentally confirms Valkyria Chronicles 3
Konami Reveals More Details on Silent Hill 8
Treyarch will be able to monitor leaderboards – pwn hackers
New Super Street Fighter IV 3DS screenshots
Still nothing on Cross-Game chat
Black-Ops: How CoD points work


Game Based Movies: The Good and the Bad
Mafia 2 and UNICO
The Mass Effect 2 stats we actually want to see
PC shooters you should be playing instead of Halo Reach


Awesome Halo Reach Promo – Spartan flies a real jetpack
Dead Space 2 multiplayer reveal on GTTV
Pach-Attack! Episode 131 – Pax Panel

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