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In Other News – September 21, 2011

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So after around a decade of waiting I finally got to play my first half hour or so of the Diablo III beta today and man oh man, the giddy little fanboy in me is over the moon. You do have to wonder with betas these days though, as they seem to be less about actual beta testing and more about building hype. When you think about it, the have changed from being ‘betas’ into ‘exclusive hype-generating demos’. It’s the truth, whether they actually get any feedback or not.

In Other News: How to (LOL, what was I just saying?) get into the BF3 Beta early for each platform. More info on the BF3 beta. Call of Duty level creator inbound? Gears of War 3 collectables guide and much, much more.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were running around Tristram looking for dear ol’ Deckard Cain.


Details on How to get BF3 Beta Early for each Platform
Official Battlefield 3 Beta page
Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta opens September 29
More Battlefield 3 beta info
Call of Duty map creator
Resident Evil 4 HD doesn’t cost what Capcom said it would
New PlayStation Exclusive IP in the Works by GOW Team, Possibly Open World
Tetsuya Nomura Comments on FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII Development Status
Cliffy B takes sly pop at the likes of Call of Duty
FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is One Disc on Xbox 360
Sony’s External Battery for PlayStation Vita is Genius, a Real Game Changer
RUMOR CONFIRMED: Blake Griffin makes appearance in Rage!
Vomiting on a fridge. Gotham City Imposters rated by ESRB
Mass Effect’s Sexy Star is Hopelessly Addicted to Angry Birds


Gears of War 3 vs. Resistance 3 – So who won over the Critics?
10 Games Where The Main Character Dies
Official Rage Strategy Guide And Achievements Preview
Gears of War 3 Collectibles Locations Guide (Xbox 360)
Making Zelda a Little More Japanese
Top 5 Funny Video Game Characters
Should Difficulty Settings Exist Anymore?


Get Blake Griffin in Rage Video
The Diablo Podcast #43: Weekly News Attack, Sept 22, 2011
Top 10 FIFA 12 demo physics fails

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