In Other News – September 30, 2010

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Yesterday’s header image of Jessica Nigri was so popular with our readers that I just couldn’t resist running another image of her for a second day in a row.

Tomorrow is the start of the rAge 2010 gaming expo and it would only be a pure blessing to see cosplay like that roaming the floors, so to all our guy readers out there, if you have any Pokemon outfits and you really want to give it a go, just don’t do it.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were running around naked in the sprinklers holding bare electrical wires shouting “Pika Pika!” in the hopes of attracting a Jessica Nigri Pikachu to our area.


Don’t like the 3DS price? It’s your fault
COD: Black Ops developer defends… Medal of Honor?
Official Playstation Magazine UK readers vote for best PS game of all time
Enslaved DLC will be an entirely new experience
Rumour: Deadly Premonition PS3 coming new year’s eve?
Google shuts down PS3 jailbreak compatibility list


Top 5 greatest gaming accessories of all time
Most wanted features on the PSP 2
Samus striptease [NSFW]
Turn any webpage into a game of Asteroids


New Gran Turismo 5 shows ingenious vehicle screen
Enslaved – sources of inspiration
Brink – bomb defusal walkthrough

Last Updated: September 30, 2010

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