In the future, we’ll all be Shepard at the same time

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Hey, PS3 gamers, we know that you’re all excited about Mass Effect 2 finally hitting your console, but for the rest of us, we’re all about Mass Effect 3. And we’re totally saying that because your version of ME2 is so superior to any of our previous versions that it’s made us slightly bitter and mean. Also we’re just jealous that you’re going to get to experience the game for the first time.

Fortunately for all of us though, irrespective of where your platform allegiances lie, Mass Effect 3 will arrive on the same day for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. It’s great news, because that way we can all revel in the RPG space opera awesome sauce together.

As far as an actual release date is concerned, however, we still don’t have anything more concrete than “Holiday 2011”. There’s still quite a wait for most of us but for the PS3 crowd, you’ve at least get Mass Effect 2 to keep you busy between now and then.

In case you missed it, here’s the full reveal trailer for Mass Effect 3. For those who haven’t seen it and who are about to play Mass Effect 2, I suggest giving it a skip until you’ve finished the game so as to get the full impact of the trailer.

Source: Game Informer

Last Updated: January 21, 2011

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