Incredibly positive Project Natal reviews coming out

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Project Natal

It’s just over 8 days before Nick and I get to experience Project Natal first hand and I have to say it’s possibly the most exciting part of E3 for me.

I know PlayStation Move is good and I know we will be seeing some awesome games but what I don’t know is whether or not Project Natal actually really works or if we are going to be left unfulfilled from the experience.

But if the latest reviews from an Irish website are anything to go by then we can expect to see something truly amazing at E3 this year.

According to the Gaming Liberty website

“We skeptical types were treated to about 15 minutes of Natal time and honestly we can tell you that Natal, even from this small insight, is every skeptic’s nightmare. Within seconds of standing before the device for the very first time, we skeptical types were left reeling in shame for any inclinations of ‘doubt’ or ‘skepticism’ we had about Natal to this point. Natal is the real deal, plays like a dream and proves us skeptics irrevocably wrong. This dream is every skeptic’s nightmare because it proves us all to be very mistaken..”

it then goes on to say

“It’s a powerful experience. Alex’s avatar was incredibly responsive and he was punching, kicking and kneeing red balls at every discernable angle with different distributions of weight with no lag or no delays. “

“My Ricochet avatar was incredibly responsive. Any pose, any movement, anything, was recreated instantly on screen. Even jumping on the spot or twisting my upper body saw the avatar doing so too. Bending my knees, inverting them inwards or clapping my hands was again perfectly reiterated by my avatar. No lag, no delay and no thinking.”

So all in all a hugely positive review, but to be honest I am hugely sceptical of anyone who says that Project Natal has no lag at all… that just doesn’t seem possible.

Source: The Gaming Liberty

Last Updated: June 4, 2010

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