Nintendo Reveals 3DS Release Date and Pricing

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Nintendo held their annual Japanese investor and press conference and revealed the Japanese launch date – and pricing – of the much lauded handheld wonderdevice.

They’ve also shown the finalised design of the device, and it’s not too different from the prototype hardware showcased at this year’s E3. Hardly surprising, since everyone who got their hands on one instantly fell in love. So how much will it cost, and when will it be available?

Start saving up folks, cos this is a pricy handheld. Thankfully, you’ve got quite some time to stuff magic beans under your mattress. After you see the video after the jump, I’m pretty sure you’re going to need a 3DS.

Unfortunately, previous rumours of the handheld releasing in time for the holidays were incorrect; but it does give you more time to stash cash away – because you know you want this. The 3DS will release in Japan on February 26, 2011, at a retail price of Â¥25,000. That’s roughly USD$300 or ZAR 2 072 converted directly, so expect the local price once it releases to be a tad more. Unfortunately there’s no concrete indication of when the 3DS will see a western release. with the most solid information singling out “March.”

No hints or anything…but my birthday’s in March.

If the quality of the video isn’t doing it for you, you can view a higher quality video directly on Nintendo’s site, here.

[Minor Update: I have spoken to Core and we are expecting it to launch locally in Q1 2010… so end of March. No pricing details have been sent through]

Last Updated: September 29, 2010

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