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That’s right people, it’s Thursday – time for your weekly dose of awesome indie gaming news. We’ve got controversy, we’ve got scandal, and we’ve got an incredible Humble Bundle.

First up, there was a bit of controversy in the indie gaming scene. As always when it comes to funding, people get rather temperamental. Add in the fact that the OUYA matches any funds raised through Kickstarter, and you’ve got a problem waiting to happen. The indie gaming community threw their toys out the cot this week when Gridiron Thunder started picking up some serious Kickstarter money. The game is coming exclusively to OUYA at first, before moving on to iOS and Android. As a game that could already afford NFL licenses, this was seen as stealing from the OUYA’s limited indie gaming funding pool. Mike Bithell, Thomas Was Alone creator, took to twitter, saying:


Gridiron Thunder raised $171 009 through Kickstarter – that means they will be getting that same amount extra from the OUYA. That would be enough money for a more inspired indie game. However, Kickstarter proved this is a game people want, so I suppose people shouldn’t complain. Speaking of indie game funding, I was going to tell you about how awful PayPal was again. They refused to give money raised through Indiegogo to Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, claiming they would only give the funds once the game was released, defeating the purpose of crowd funding. But, PayPal has since backtracked on that statement. Well done – you guys were only bad guys for a day.

Crowd funding aside, it’s clear that all the major players are making a bid to woo indie developers. Nintendo is trying to reach out to indies and seem more human and approachable. Also, they insist that the Nintendo eShop should be a great place for all kinds of indie games:

“We’ve always maintained the position that we don’t want to have any kind of concept approval or greenlight process where people have to spend their time and energy on pitching us on a game. We don’t want to be the arbiters of what we think is the best games and we’re only going to show that.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also punting their indie program, poorly named [email protected] However, I’m a bit worried about their understanding of indie games. In an interview with MCVUK, Xbox Europe VP Chris Lewis explained they were looking for new IP with the indie program:

“It is crucial that we have a plan and that we are fertile ground for the next blockbuster games. We are constantly seeking the next Call of Dutys and Forza Motorsports. Those smart ideas have to be incubated and encouraged. We are very keen for people to see our platform as the space to do that.”

Really? You’re expecting the next COD or Forza from the indie developers? How about striving for something with a bit more character or soul?

Speaking of character and soul, Sony keeps showing off beautiful indie games coming to PlayStation. Check out the latest game, Pavilion which describes itself as “a fourth person exploratory experience about guidance, influence and subliminal control”.
Pavilion screen 4
Pavilion screen 6

Then we have some cool local indie gaming news. After Infection is a sandbox survival MMORPG being developed by the Joburg guys, Vectorshift Studios. Sort of like a Minecraft/DayZ MMORPG, the game promises to allow building and crafting, living environments and perma death. Sounds cool to me. We have reached out to the studio and hope to give you more details soon!

Finally, in the best news of the week, we have an amazing new Humble Bundle. At the moment, the bundle comes with Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta and Brutal Legend – if you pay more than the average you also get FTL: Faster Than Light and FEZ. I pulled an insta-buy on this one. I’ve been wanting FTL for a while now, plus I need to experience more awesomeness from the guys at Klei. They made Mark of the Ninja and Eets before making Don’t Starve – I’m excited to dig into their early stuff. Do I really need to tell you to go spend $5 and get some awesome games? No – just go do it!

Oh, and as a closing statement, I just want to thank Timster for making my awesome header image. This is going to be my official one (for a while, at least) and it makes me so happy!

Last Updated: September 12, 2013

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