Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (13 March 2014)

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Oh yes, it’s that time of the week again. Time to revel in indie news, and the fact that the weekend is almost upon us. The sun also came out for a little while today, so I think things are starting to look up. Maybe.

It seems the indie community has been getting ready for one of the largest events on the indie calendar – GDC. That’s right, the Game Developers Conference kicks off next week, with sessions and talks from a range of developers from all types of studios. That’s right, speakers will be coming from major publishers, as well as tiny indies, all to share ideas and reveal awesome plans. I’m looking forward to all the news that will come out of San Francisco next week!

Over on Kickstarter, you have one last day to throw money at Darkest Dungeon, the game that I’m sort of in love with. This is the one that looks at the darkness in our souls, using psychology to add to the experience of dungeon crawling. I love this idea, and I’m seriously happy that they have done so well. Here is that awesome trailer again:

Prototype of the Week

At the last Make Games SA meet up, some of the guys showed off Vietnam ’65. It’s a turn-based strategy game:

The player will command the US troops, consisting of infantry, artillery, armor, ARVN and airmobile assets.
The US will have to dominate and control a province in Vietnam on the border with Cambodia, airmobile operations and the role of the helicopter is paramount.

You can grab a Windows build of the prototype on their website, but they’re also looking for game testers on iOS devices. You get to drop napalm on your enemy – do I need to say anything more to convince you that you want to give this game a go?

Vietnam 65

Last Updated: March 13, 2014

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