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Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (18 September 2014)

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Another day another dollar, or so they say in ‘merica. This day is when ‘merica comes a little bit closer to South Africa in the form of Pizza Hut. While I’m happy someone will be making pepperoni pizza a bit easier to find, I still prefer local, independent restaurants. I suppose that makes sense considering I’m Indie Zoe. Let’s go check your indie news.

The biggest local indie news was last week’s A MAZE festival. You can read Sandy’s description of the event and why you should have been there, then go read my critique explaining why you probably weren’t. It really was a cool event and I’m hoping that it continues to improve from year to year. At this point, it’s more for developers to network and discuss ideas than it is for outsiders to come and experience the games on show. However, there were some very cool things to see and I’m looking forward to rAge to find out more about the games that will be on show.

Here are some cool game releases for you. Iron Fisticle released, offering a modern take on a classic arcade arena shooter. You can grab it on Steam for less than $10. Meanwhile, Cosmonautica is a weird space trading adventure that promises some quirky and funky fun. Originally Greenlit, it has now appeared in Early Access for $10 for those interested.

The Humble Indie Bundle has even more games now. You really should just buy it – these games will find a happy home in your backlog until you’re ready to play them.

Prototype of the Week

Okay, so this week’s prototype is actually a board game. However, it’s based on the role of taxi bosses as you try to navigate the board. AfterRobot! was at A MAZE but I didn’t get to play it. Here’s hoping I can give it a whirl at the next Make Games SA meet up, because it looks like a ridiculous amount of fun.

Last Updated: September 18, 2014

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  1. Alien Emperor Trevor

    September 18, 2014 at 19:52

    The Humble Valiant Comics Bundle is also pretty damn cool.


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