Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (20 November 2014)

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Despite it almost being time for Dragon Age and Kingdom Rush, there is still some cool indie news that I need to tell you about. Yes, there are other smaller games that are also getting people excited.

The awesome Mike Bithell (creator of Thomas Was Alone and actual cool guy) showed off his new game, Volume. This video makes me happy, partially because it shows Mike’s cool personality and also because the game is starting to come together and look fantastic.

As Darryn told you, Goat Simulator has gone MMO and a local indie is giving rewards to you guys for being on Lazygamer. Thimbleweed Park is coming, making all the Maniac Mansion fans far too happy.

Last month, I told you about This War of Mine. It looked dark and unique – a fresh approach to war for a game. It has now launched on Steam and getting some rave responses. We have requested a review copy so that we can tell you more because it really does look beautiful.

I have officially started my holiday savings. I know there are some really awesome bundles out there, but the Steam sale is just around the corner, so I’d rather wait for that. That makes sense, right?

Prototype of the Week

Planet Color Puzzle is a game to match face colors of a planet, featuring various speed settings. It’s already available for Android, but you can also grab the web build. Not bad for a “quick game” to get the developer back into coding.

Last Updated: November 20, 2014

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