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Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (21 November 2013)

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It’s been an interesting week. After a Hansa-filled Rocksmith launch on Tuesday, I seem to have lost track of days of the week. Apparently today is Thursday, which means it’s time for some indie news before we prepare for a weekend of gaming. Last weekend I finally finished Bastion, which if you haven’t played, you really need to.

First up, some good news coming for Make Games SA. They are registering with the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as an Industry Association. With this, they could apply for funding to send people on a trade mission – sounds just like Civ V. In actual fact, this means that we could have a South African delegation at the GDC in San Francisco or Europe. Don’t worry, this just means that they get government money, it doesn’t mean that they will become a government organization. Also, as an Industry Association, Make Games SA could advise on future ventures to help fund local projects – all around, this sounds like excellent news. However, they need your help – so go fill in this form to justify to the government that Make Games SA should be approved. According to the guys from Make Games SA:

[…]Everybody is welcome whether they’re a professional, indie or hobbyist developer, artist, manager or not part of the industry but feel there’s value in making Make Games South Africa the government recognised industry association and, importantly, can motivate it. We need the motivations.

This is something tangible that we can do for the local indie scene, so go do it! Speaking of supporting locals, Stasis is almost 75% of the way to target on Kickstarter. Go take a look and throw money at it if it seems like your kind of game. Also, Vapour still needs your Greelight support – check it out and click on the thumbs up to help them get Greenlit.

The Humble Bundle has gone mobile Android again, but it includes Kingdom Rush, which makes it all worthwhile. Meanwhile, the Humble Store has some games for ridiculously cheap – it’s almost criminal. Go make your own ala carte bundle. Bundle Stars is running a Majestic Indie Bundle that I’m considering buying simply because it has Shelther and only costs R40.

Last Updated: November 21, 2013

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