Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (27 November 2014)

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All the major games of the year that you wanted have been released, right? I mean, all the AAA titles. Can we please get excited about indies again? There is some cool news to share.

First up, MONTEZ, a Braid-like psychological puzzle game has gotten the thumbs up from Steam Greenlight. It’s part of a local collaboration and looks like a seriously polished and slick title. I’m certainly keen to see how they bring it all together and excited for it to release. Well done to the Celestial team for making it happen.

This War of Mine is a game I’ve been keen on for a while. I will definitely be picking it up to play during the December break – Darryn played and enjoyed it. In fact, so many people bought it, that in two days they’ve already covered the cost of development. That’s just one of many facts shown off in this cool infographic.

ThisWarofMine infographics

Ninja Pizza Girl is a PS4 game about bullying, resilience and fast food. It looks like a fun platformer, and I like that instead of health it has the teenager’s ability to handle taunting from other awful teenagers. Just check out this trailer:

Darryn already told you that the Explorer Sale is live over on Steam, meaning that tons of games are on sale. Combine that with the Black Friday sales that are coming and I think it’s best if we just don’t talk about bundles. I’m sure you’re all gonna buy a whole bunch of awesome games for ridiculously low prices.

I already told you last week that the current state of local indie development is such that awesome new prototypes aren’t released during exam time because the majority of people churning out prototypes on a regular basis are students. The more established guys do put out awesome prototypes, but then they polish them and release them as games, which is what I believe they are all busy with at the moment. Once there are prototypes being released again worth sharing, I certainly will. There are some game jams coming up, so hopefully I will have cool things to share with you soon.

Last Updated: November 27, 2014

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