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Wait wait wait! 30 January 2014? That means the first month of the year is over guys. Eleven more months to go – if they’re as fast as this one was, I’m gonna need a chiropractor for my whiplash. At least the games keep coming and we have plenty of indies to look forward to this year.

First up we have the awesome success of Global Game Jam. Plenty of local games came out of the event and we’re very proud of the guys in Joburg and Cape Town – well done! The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” which led to some interesting puzzlers, platformers and even Oculus Rift games. It’s amazing to see so many developers make such great games in a short period of time – now let’s see if they can carry on meeting deadlines in the real world.

In other fantastic local indie news, Pixel Boy is coming to the Wii U. They are still working on their Steam release for PC, Mac and Linux, but it’s great to see some locals making waves at Nintendo. Well done guys!

Jason Rohrer, the indie developer who said Steam sales were bad for players, released his new game, The Castle Doctrine on Steam. It is launching at a cheaper rate – he plans to follow the Mojang philosophy on pricing. You can read my thoughts about the game here.

Time for your awesome indie bundles! The Humble Weekly Sale is perfect for all you masochists – it’s all about the roguelikes (personally, I prefer the new term “procedural death labyrinth”). For $6 or more you get six games including Hack, Slash, Loot and The Binding of Isaac. But why pay for games when you can get them for free? The Freebie Gamer Bundle gives you eight games absolutely free. You know the best part – they all work on Mac. Some of them even work on PC. Ah, I love seeing the Mac support.

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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