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Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (31 July 2014)

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Come one, come all, gather round for I have glorious tales to tell. Oh, who am I kidding – you guys don’t actually care about all the cool indie news about locals doing well and fun things going on – you’re just reading to do me a favour and not make me land up like Martha with least comments of the week.

First up, we have some cool local news. For the first time at Gamescom there will be an Indie Mega Booth, filled with all kinds of awesome indie games. Two local games will be featured there – Broforce and Desktop Dungeons. That’s right, the cool guys from Free Lives and QCF Design will be heading to Germany (I wonder if they’ll be on the same flights as us) to show off their games and revel in the glory that is Gamescom. Well done to them – Free Lives were also shown off at E3, and it’s nice to see a bunch of locals getting some well-deserved attention.

Speaking of locals doing well, locally made The Maker’s Eden has launched on Steam. It’s described as a first-person hypertext adventure game in the style of a motion comic that sounds like a bunch of science fiction noir craziness. Here is the launch trailer.

Screencheat is a unique game that forces players to break multiplayer etiquette in order to play. You know old-school split screen shooters – kids would often put up sheets or other blocks to ensure that opponents couldn’t see what was on the screen. Well, In Screencheat, everyone is invisible – you have to look at the other player’s screens to actually know where you are and what you can do

Prototype of the Week

This week’s prototype is an island survival management game. It’s still in the early stages and could use any feedback that you have for the developer. I love this genre of game, probably because I enjoy living a cushy lifestyle while imagining doing survival stuff.

Last Updated: July 31, 2014

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