Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (8 May 2014)

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Thanks to all the public holidays, we didn’t get an Indie Zoe last week. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Did you know there was awesome indie news these past few weeks? It’s way better than watching election results trickle in.

First up, there was Ludum Dare. This was a game jam that has yielded awesome games in the past, like Broforce. Local entries were strange and varied, and you can play them! Check out the land shark in Super Landshark Missile Attack or go all out in Alien Lobotomy. Notch’s contribution, Drowning in Problems has received quite a bit of attention – it certainly is different in its approach to the “beneath the surface” theme.

Don’t Starve’s expansion released and got this awesome launch trailer. Featuring new seasons and biomes, the game has become even more of a rabbit hole.

Over on Steam Greenlight, 75 titles got the thumbs up. There are a bunch of cool looking ones, but I’m particularly amped for Immortal Defense, probably because I’m tower defense obsessed. O’Cells, aka ant-hill simulator seems like an interesting one, too. However, I’m most excited about a game I told you about a while back – Prisonscape, which got the Greenlight. I can’t wait to shiv everyone and work my way up the prison social ladder.

Want to pick up some cheap indies? There are some ridiculous deals over on the Humble Bundle Store right now. You can grab Democracy 3 for less than $10 and Hero Siege for less than $1. Or, just all flock there now to grab Goat Simulator.

With so many Ludum Dare games for you to check out, I’m not going to give a local prototype of the week. Go play with all the random games that were made in a ridiculously short space of time.

Last Updated: May 8, 2014

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