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We’re back, baby! That’s right, I spent my holiday gorging on food and gaming, recharging those batteries of mine so I can offer you even more excitement and enthusiasm. Also, I indulged my hipster street cred and spent most of that gaming time playing indie games. So, what’s new this year (so far) in the world of indie gaming? Take a look.

First up, Stephen already told you the good news about Starbound. That’s right, Starbound crossed the 1 million mark. Impressive stuff, the game was only released on Steam on 5 December. Well done Chucklefish.

Over on Kickstarter, they are celebrating the successes of 2013. There are some cool tidbits about 2013, such as:

  • 3 million people pledged $480 million, which is $1 315 520 per day, $913 per minute
  • 19 911 projects were successfully funded
  • Kickstarter was on Jeopardy! and Cards Against Humanity

Good Old Games is celebrating their fifth birthday, giving a bit of insight into their early days, as well as what makes them tick. They made a cool video for those who are interesting in watching videos:

For the non-video watchers, there are some cool facts such as that 360 million hours of gameplay have been downloaded on, and if you were to convert all the data downloaded to floppy disc, it would be enough to cover all of San Francisco. The GoG catalogue has over 650 games, over 120 of which are indie and 250 of which are for Mac gamers. The oldest game is Zork, released in 1977 and they listen to your votes to try to bring more of your classic favorites to the site.

Toki Tori developer Two Tribes has laid off all designers and programmers, leaving the company with just the two founding members. However, this isn’t the end for them:

We’ve decided to move away from creating custom technology and focus on what’s readily available. As a result we’ll be working with a much smaller team on our next game, a 2D side scrolling shooter, which will be re-using the existing Toki Tori 2+ engine.

I never like news that involves people losing their jobs, but at least the studio is carrying on creating games. Hopefully they can re-hire people when they are doing better.

Need more Halo in your life? Well, Missing In Action (M.I.A.) is a fan-made indie game that’s built to feel like a normal Halo game. Developed by Infinity Industries in partnership with Skydive Industries, this could end up filling the Halo gap:

The game is set during the events of Halo 4. You play as Tom (A spartan Just like chief). You are deployed on A Halo Installation to search for Chief and Cortana after they went adrift on the Dawn. The whole game you find clues and search for him and come along some threats on the way.

Finally, I have received news that the Greenlit Cannons Lasers Rockets will be launching in the coming months. If you’re keen to try out a Free to Play, arcade space MOBA, you really should keep an eye on this.

I doubt you guys need many indie games at the moment, but really, you shouldn’t even try to resist this awesome Humble Indie Bundle. It’s got some games I really want to try out – at least this time they aren’t all games that I already own. The Humble Weekly Bundle also has some cool games, including Machinarium and Shelter as well as Lume and Botanicula. I’m not going to go on – I think we’re all still recovering from the Steam Sale; are there even any games left to buy?

What indies did you play over the holidays? I spent some quality time with Telltale games – The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. I also finally got to play The Stanley Parable, which is everything it’s cracked up to be. The Novelist seems cool, but seriously gave me motion sickness. Oh, and I finally played Braid which is unspeakably clever.

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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