Infamous 2 Gameplay Footage

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The first inFamous was good, but not great. It came along relatively early in the PS3’s life – and as a result wasn’t nearly as optimised as newer games. It had some pretty poor anti-aliasing, and the protagonist, Cole, had a certain rubbery feel about him. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the game though, which is why I’m seven levels of excited for the sequel.

It looks like it’s fixed all of the originals faults – and may provide one one of this year’s most action-packed 3rd person experiences. hit the jump for a whole lot of gameplay footage from PAX. It looks great..and maybe I’m just succumbing to the marketing hype preceding Move’s launch – but it seems like game that would be a great candidate for Move.

As a gamer who favours 3rd-person action over the more favoured FPS fare; This, Enslaved and Vanquish have me pretty gosh-darned excited.

Last Updated: September 8, 2010

Geoffrey Tim

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