Infamous Direct Feed Gameplay – I am so sad

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Infamous is one of those games that is getting a decent cult following which keeps on letting everyone know how awesome this game is really going to be.

So when I saw a link to some direct feed gameplay I was expecting to be blown away, however I am utterly underwhelmed to be honest.

I managed to stay awake through the dodgy camera train ride only to see someone attempt to play the game while being totally incapable of aiming or dying… Yeah it’s cool that he can climb buildings and throw cars around but the core gameplay mechanic looks terrible and will instantly frustrate the average gamer.

The fact that you can take hundreds of shots and electrocute the same guy over and over before anything happens really doesn’t excite me and neither does the pointless shooting by the bad guys (when they don’t see you) who never seem to hit anything but the walls.

So yeah, at the moment I find it to be an interesting physics experiment and it’s cute that you can save people but I really do expect more if they want this to be a truly AAA game.

At the moment I expect this game to have rubbish controls, terrible camera control and an absolutely pointless story… sounds like I should be saying it’s GOTY material doesn’t it…

Last Updated: August 12, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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