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As far as challenges go, the option to throw some smoke at a hidden DUP camera isn’t the most vexing side-mission in gaming. It can be time-consuming however, and honestly, who needs to spend that much effort on a trophy? Fortunately, I’m your patsy. Here’s to where find those cameras and give them the Schuster treatment.

Queen Anne

DUP cameras (7)

This camera can be found in the left corner of the made of red bricks, between two spotlights.


DUP cameras (4)

Look up at the trees, and if you see a pink bra attached to a rope, the camera will be on the left tree. Shoot it down.


DUP cameras (13)

In the corner between the facebricks and smooth concrete, you’ll find this camera peeping on you beneath some wooden beams.


DUP cameras (14)

Where the various Chinese noodle shops all congregate, this camera can be found playing big brother, attached to a power pole.

Lantern District

DUP cameras (5)

On top of the Chinese gate, but underneath the rafters, sits this monument to invasion of privacy.

Lantern District Camera 2

DUP cameras (2)

Sitting just above the water, the electronic peeper can be found on the corner of the docks facing the road.


DUP cameras (12)

The orange building houses this camera, on the first floor and between two windows with blinds.

Denny Park

DUP cameras (6)

Easily found on one of the concrete structures that the DUP has set up in Seattle.

Pioneer Square

DUP cameras (1)

Beneath the bridge, and underneath the final support beam, sits this camera.


DUP cameras (3)

Look high and ye shall see this camera, as it watches the park below you. Look for the building with the red banner.


DUP cameras (11)

Keeping an eye on you and your money, this camera sits prominently above the bank logo.

Market District

DUP cameras (10)

Underneath the steel gratng, hides this sneaky camera.


DUP cameras (9)

Check the corner of the red-bricked building, which watches over the park.

Seattle Centre

DUP cameras (8)

To the right of the GG logo, you’ll find the final camera. Don’t feel like rushing to your PC every time for this guide? Well here’s a handy video link for you, because I dig you guys so much.

Last Updated: March 24, 2014

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