inFamous VS Prototype – Which One Is Better?

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A short while back, I reviewed Prototype and found it to be a pretty fun experience.

I have now finally also had the chance to get some good playtime into inFamous and was astounded to see how different the two games really are.

Both look similar on paper, but once you are playing them you quickly realise that they come from two different worlds. One is realistic, huge and intricate and the other is more focussed, detailed and easier on the learning curve.

To sort this out, Gametrailers have put up a versus video that shows off the different aspects of each game, with the main idea that users will vote and give a definitive answer.

I have also made my choice as well as posted the video, after the jump.

Ok so here is the video, check it out and tell us what you think.

I have to personally say that after putting time into both games, my vote would have to go to inFamous. The game feels like it captures the essence of what console gaming is all about, and in the end I find that it is just a “better place to be” when compared to Prototype.

I am enjoying both, but if I had to recommend only one to someone, it would be inFamous. It’s a dog damn shame that it’s only available on PS3.

Have you played both? Let us know which is your favorite.

Last Updated: July 3, 2009

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