Infinity Blade – Epic and Chair’s iOS game

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I don’t own an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone and for that I feel woefully inadequate as a tech-junky.  A while ago a friend of mine showed me Epic Citadel on his iPhone. I was impressed! Here was an iOS tech demo running the Unreal Engine 3 but all I could think about was why nobody had made an actual game yet.

Epic and Chair have finally unveiled just that, a game for the iOS called Infinity Blade; this is “Project Sword”, the title that was first mentioned at an Apple conference earlier in September.

The game is being developed by Chair Entertainment, the same team behind Shadow Complex for Xbox Live Arcade. It’ll be published by Epic, which makes it the publisher’s first iOS game.

According to Epic’s PR people, the game is an “action-RPG sword fighting adventure” that will feature levelling up and eventually multiplayer.

“The game’s robust single-player mode features an intuitive combat interface and simple touch controls which enable hardcore and casual gamers alike to engage in fun, furious battles. As play progresses, players gain experience, build stats and earn more powerful items to prepare their knight for the final encounter with the game’s nemesis, the God-King”.

The game will be available this Holiday season for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Source: Kotaku and CVG

Last Updated: November 3, 2010

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