Insane 36-page Gears of War fan wishlist

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Say what you will about Gears of War’s shallow, overtly masculine bravado, but it’s the game that defined the last generation, convincing a multitude of gamers to jump in. There hasn’t been a game for this new generation so far with that sort of impact. As a series, as the game evolved, it’s collected a cult of die-hard fans. Most of them unanimously agree that Gears of War: Judgment took several steps backwards. some of the most insane ardent want to make sure that Black tusk’s new generation Gears of War game hits the right notes.

Gears fanatics Jovon White,  Ivy Stryker and John Williams together with help from the Gears of War community at large have written up a 36 page document (via neoGAF), detailing their wishes for the new Gears of War.

It’s mental.

“This document is a collection of notes, wants, issues and fixes that the community hopes to see in Black Tusk’s coming Gears of War title,” they say. “In some areas a loose wishlist, in others a concise design document for how things would be if we were in charge. Where story is concerned we touch lightly, offering suggestions of what may be an interesting area to explore. Where gameplay is concerned we both cover the broadstrokes and focus on specific issues. In this drilling down to game mechanic bedrock we hope to offer a potentially different view than someone close to the project’s development might see, and through this do our part to help correct any missteps from Judgment and games past that might try to creep their way into future titles.”

In their document, they detail all sorts of things they want to see in the new game, from the return of the favoured down-but-not-out and the return of human vs locust multiplayer. Judgement, for whatever reason, pitted human against human making the whole thing feel like a watered-down Unreal Tournament. their list of wishes details gameplay, balance, the story, the music..just about everything. It reads more like an early design document than an actual wishlist. It’s impressive in breadth, but starts coming across as bossy and entitled.

I think Black Tusk – headed by “GearsViking” Rod Fergusson – should make the Gears of War game they want to make and I have every faith they’ll do all they can to return Gears of War to its rightful spot as a premier AAA franchise. Still, I do hope they read it; despite the condescending tone (because gamers always know better than game developers) they do make some pretty good points. Plus, a little bit of bossiness is better than death threats.

If you’re a Gearshead, give it a read and let us know what you think.

If there’s one thing I want from a next-gen Gears, is for party chat to be nixed, in favour of the dead chatter that made Gears of War 1’s multiplayer so damned entertaining to return instead. What do you want from the new Gears of War?

Last Updated: April 24, 2014

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