Installing Leaked NXE Will Disable Xbox Live Until Nov. 19

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microsoft-xbox360-dashboard The New Xbox Experience, as we all know, is officially dated for release on November 19. But this is the Internet age, and nothing ever stays bottled up until its official release. Sure enough, reports have circulated the net that the download files for the NXE have leaked online, but before you figure it couldn’t hurt anyone to get an early start on what’ll be a free download anyway, hold up — if you install the leaked NXE on your 360, it’ll disable Xbox Live until November 19.

As if getting knocked offline for nearly three weeks isn’t bad enough, there’s also the risk that Microsoft could well knock you offline for good. There have been no reports of bans since the NXE was leaked online, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Microsoft might start kicking off cavalier downloaders indefinitely, so you have to consider if it’s really worth the risk. Another 18 days isn’t too hard of a wait, is it?

Source – Xbox360Fanboy

Last Updated: November 3, 2008

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