Interactive Dying Light video makes you afraid of the dark

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Dying light

In a sea of games featuring day/night cycles, Dying Light has actually made it important. Unlike other titles where visibility is slightly reduced, or enemies spawn a bit more, you will become afraid of the dark all over again in Dying Light. A new interactive video shows why.

Dying Light’s Life and Death in the Quarantine Zone interactive story can be seen in full over here. In it, you can see the effects of daytime on the zombies as compared to nighttime, simply by pressing Z to make it become night. It’s really quite cool to see the same environments and dangers completely change when the sun goes down. Here’s a teaser trailer for the interactive story:

See, this isn’t hyping a game before release. If this video had come out before the game launched (okay, I know the physical version is delayed but you know what I mean) it would have been part of the hype machine. But now we know that the game has some flaws but is still a fun experience if it’s your type of thing. I like that the interactive story lets people see just how crazy and out of hand things can get once the sun goes down.

It almost reminds me of the silliness at last night’s Dying Light event. Again a big thanks to all our awesome community members who attended – you made the event more fun and actually played the game on the stands they set up for us. Also, some of you even hugged Geoff. Well done!

Last Updated: February 27, 2015

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