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Dying Light 2 out in December, check out the new gameplay trailer

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Dying Light 2

Zombies! Parkour! Techland’s sequel to the original Dying Light has been in development for a long time, and after experiencing a few road bumps along the way such as a lead creative being accused of various acts of badness and that small global pandemic that you might have heard of, it’s full undead steam ahead.

As revealed in last night’s stream, Dying Light 2 will officially be dropping on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on December 7. Without further waffling, here’s the latest gameplay trailer for 2 Dying 2 Light:

Set two decades after the first game, things are looking grim in the post-apocalypse, as 98% of humanity has either become a lunchtime special for the cannibalistic infected or joined the ranks of the ranks of the viral army of the dead. All that remains is one last city, that protagonist Aiden Caldwell finds himself inside of while searching for his family.

Other details revealed by Techland of the game include the return of the day and night cycle, with each part of the day split between two primary threats. During the day you’ll likely run into bandits and thieves who are out scavenging, as well as members of the game’s three factions. The Survivors, the Renegades, and the Peacekeepers.

Everyone’s got a story to tell and a vision to form a stronghold, with your choices having an impact on the world around you. Helping one faction take control of a region’s essential utilities creates a more distinct look for that area, unlocks faction-specific gear, and even adds more traversal gear to the world that can be used in combination with your parkour to get around more easily. Parkour!

Come the night though, and the more dangerous members of the Infected emerge, hellbent on ruining your day. At least you’ll be able to investigate the buildings that these more lethal Infected were hunkering down in, meaning that you can grab some vital supplies. Now that it has a release date, Techland says that it’ll be sharing more details on a regular basis. Remember to stay human, and throw captcha tests at zombies in the apocalypse.

Last Updated: May 28, 2021

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