Interesting Console Sales Figures

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I was browsing GameTrailers looking for some news on a slow day and came across a forum posting about the console sales figures.

Now I am sure these stats haven’t been audited but they seem close enough and give us an interesting view on the sales so far.

So according to the posting (and VGChartz) we have the following:

Nintendo Wii

35 million units sold in 24 months
1.46 million sold per month
$8750 million in gross sales

Sony PS3

17 million sold in 24 months
0.71 million sold per month
$8483 million in gross sales

Microsoft Xbox 360

22 million sold in 36 months
0.61 million sold per month
$6358 million in gross sales

So if we simply look at the base figures we can see that the Wii is still miles ahead of anyone else with the PS3 coming second and the 360 languishing in third place.

What I would really like to see but most probably will never be given access to, is how much net profit has each company made. My current guess is that Nintendo are making a huge profit, Microsoft is still in a negative overall but are climbing out of it, and Sony are still losing money month on month.

Source: Gametrailers

Last Updated: December 1, 2008

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