I am the new intern at Lazygamer. Being a creature that few have ever seen I am almost overwhelmed to actually be doing that which I love. Gaming journalism is the thing that I decided to do in the early days of the apocalypse year 2012, shortly after deciding this I enrolled at Varsity College Pretoria. There I met friends, lecturers and a cat named Steve.

As a student of journalism, a profession that scoffs at anything normal, I have been blessed with the ability to play almost any game and still be able to enjoy nature through my camera lens. I don’t know if anyone knows this but the old people at Lazygamer are all into Canon; they don’t seem to have realized that Nikon is the better camera.

Like most people (read: students) that have an extreme lack of money I started my own collection of gaming hardware with an old PC I stole from my parents. Later on I begged my dad to buy me a Xbox 360 for my birthday in 2007. That is where the conflict in my gaming views started. Which means that I prefer my FPS games to be on PC, everything else though is perfect on the Xbox. While everything that I have played in the last few years has been on the Xbox 360 or PC the PS4 is desperately calling my name.

Unfortunately all of this has repercussions which are as follows; the Xbox community will now be hating me because I am thinking of defecting to the enemy side, the PS4 community will hate me for being an ex-xbox fanboy and lastly the PC community will laugh at me for joining the fight.

To sum everything up I am a creature that not many people have seen, a photographer, a journalist, a multi plat-former gamer and the new intern.

The nice people at Lazygamer have already given me a nice new nickname. I am Vicky.

Last Updated: October 8, 2013

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