International Console Costs – SA Pockets Feel the Burn

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So I was asked to do a follow up of yesterdays International Game Prices – Fair or Foul. After a little research and crunching some numbers, I finally came up with some figures. All I can say is that overall (in US dollars)… it looks like we’re still paying alot higher than some of the other countries out there.

We can however boast being able to pay less for the DS than the Ozzies. But that’s only by a mere 40 US dollars.

Country PS3 – 80Gb Wii Xbox 360 – 60Gb PSP DS
USA $399.99 $249.99 $299.99 $119.99 $169.99
South Africa $601.66 $412.24 $460.74 $315.13 $230.57
Australia $546.86 $312.90 $312.16 $233.93 $234.67
UK $429.26 $262.37 $246.62 $302.23 $211.43

Overall it seems that the States is the best place in which to buy a console with South Africa being the worst. Again though, just as in the game costs, Australia surprises with its high prices.

currency conversions according to: Yahoo

Last Updated: May 26, 2009

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