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Interview with David Jaffe and Twisted Metal

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Our favourite game developer, who apparently hates us more than the English language is back and talking about Twisted Metal’s delay and gameplay.

First up Twisted Metal is now scheduled for a 14th February release date so thanks David for making my decision on what to do on Valentines day easier.

According to Mr Jaffe the real reason for the delay wasn’t to add more features or for sales purposes but simply that they wanted to really polish this game and make sure that it releases in it’s best possible form.

So let’s be clear, it’s nothing to do with the game not being ready or being fearful of launching near the megaton titles like Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 etc but just so that they can polish it properly and release it into some clean air next year… I made that last bit up.

He also goes on to talk about Twisted Metal in more detail and how he views it as more of a fighting game instead of a driving game and how the game has been made more accessible to mainstream gamers. However he’s very quick to shut down any thoughts of the game being casualised and clarifies to state that it’s still a hardcore game but the market for hardcore games has expanded and Twisted Metal is now servicing that larger market.

To be fair the game does look like a lot of fun but unless it manages to pull off some massive review scores I can’t see it lasting that long in today’s deluge of titles. He does seem aware of that though and is still proud of what they have accomplished.

[Warning, he’s got a foul mouth]

Source: GamesRadar

Apologies if there are problems with the video, but it will be available through the GamesRadar link

Last Updated: September 6, 2011

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