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Irish Rugby Union has now joined the RWC game

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So we’ve had some massive news to bring to you this week with the news that Rugby Challenge will also be getting a local release to go head to head in a battle to the death with Rugby World Cup… okay maybe that’s overselling it a bit but we need to spice things up sometimes.

Well today Rugby World Cup hit back with the news that they have now licenced the Irish Rugby Football Union in their game as well.

From an outsiders perspective, as I am yet to see either game, I am starting to think RWC has spent more resources getting licences into their game while Rugby Challenge has spent more time on improving the graphics and player editors in their title.

Personally I don’t see why you wouldn’t get both titles, I’m a massive football fan and picked up both the World Cup and normal versions of FIFA last year as a world cup version is just something a little special.

So question time, which version are you going to pick up and why?

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Last Updated: July 27, 2011

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