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Is a Pacific Rim game on the way?

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If you happened to follow our sister site TheMovies.co.za (obligatory and shameless promotion, ho!), you’d know that there happens to be one film that we’re dying to see this year. That film, is Pacific Rim. It is essentially, an anime movie that finds humanity fighting an invasion of gigantic alien creatures with the best weapon of all: Equally massive robot death machines that happen to weigh 2500 tonnes of awesome. This is the kind of premise that should have a game tie-in. Good thing that it does then.

Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming film has managed to find its way onto the video game rating system, as it popped up on the Australian Classification Board according to VG247.

The listing details that the game will be multi-platform, will contain moderate impact fantasy violence and online elements, so expect some form of Jaeger vs Kaiju multiplayer gameplay I reckon. Pacific Rim sounds like the perfect setting for a fighting game, which is most likely why current WWE developer Yukes is busy developing and publishing the game.


Which means that this will most likely be a digital release as well then. I’m not too fond of Yukes lately, seeing as how they’ve devolved the WWE franchise from main event to jobber status. But even they can’t screw up a premise as delightfully simple as robot on monster action.

Can they?

Last Updated: May 6, 2013

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