This year’s Call of Duty, Ghosts pushes the envelope by featuring some of the newest and best in animal A.I technology. It not only has fish that dynamically move out of the way of players, but also has a realistic dog that is not only a companion, but a character you can control. Mind-blowing stuff. The question everyone is asking though, is whether or not Riley, the aforementioned dog is going to end up going to the great big kennel in the sky.

It would be a cheap ploy; create some sort of emotional connection with the dog, and then kill it off – to make even the most hardened Call of Duty player stand about complaining of onions being cut. But is that what’s going to happen? Infinity Ward’s being a little coy.

“Everybody thinks we’re going to kill the dog,” COD producer Mark Rubin told the Associated Press. “Maybe that’s the expected thing we would do, so maybe it’s not what we’ll do? We’ll see. People around here didn’t know, and they had that same sentiment: ‘We better not kill the dog.’ The emotional investment for the dog here has been just as strong as what’s happening out in the public.”

Riley the dog is, of course, a big part of the game – but Infinity Ward has taken measure to ensure he’s not just thrown in to bits of the game that don’t make sense.

“There was a risk of shoehorning the dog into scenes where he wasn’t originally going to be,” Rubin said. “Fortunately, that only lasted for a few weeks and everybody got back to concentrating on making the game. It’s great that Riley is so popular, but let’s focus on the game. Let’s have Riley make sense and not just put him in space or in a scuba suit.”

Bad move. A dog in a scuba suit? Would justify all of the inevitable 10/10’s and make Ghosts an instant contender for game of the year. Find out about the life, and possible death of Riley when Ghosts is released next month.

Last Updated: October 23, 2013

was reviewed on PC

Geoffrey Tim

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