Is EA snubbing the Xbox 360?

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EA Snubbing Microsoft

Over the past few months EA have appeared to be leaning more and more towards the PS3 and away from the Xbox 360.

They are using it more and more as their initial development platform and are then migrating over the 360 while at the same time releasing demo’s and beta’s on the PSN before the XBLA.

However when it comes to the motion controller stakes it appears that EA is completely freezing Microsoft out.

Yesterday we say that Tiger Woods 11 was announced with full support for the PlayStation Arc Move but no mention of Project Natal anywhere and now today we have yet another announcement from EA.

EA Sports Active 2.0 will be heading onto multiple platforms including the Wii, PS3 and iPhone… leaving a pretty large elephant sitting in the room feeling all left out.

The only thing I can guess is that Microsoft has asked them not to announce anything Project Natal related until after E3.

They couldn’t really be snubbing Microsoft… could they?

Last Updated: March 11, 2010

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