Gears of War: Judgment the last in the series?

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According to investment company, Cowen and Company, the two big hitting titles from last month are both failing to gain traction at retail and as such they expect them both to miss their sales targets.

According to the latest estimates, both games have performed pretty poorly. This doesn’t compare well with the previous Gears title selling over 2 million units in its first month and God of War 3 topping the million mark.

When People Can Fly released Bulletstorm it was received with critical praise but less than stellar sales figures, at the time the previous president of Epic Games, Mike Capp, stated

The next thing we do with People Can Fly will be great,

Well as much as I enjoyed Gears of War: Judgement when it comes to the finer details of actually making a profit it doesn’t look good when your last two big name titles flopped.

People Can Fly can be proud of the titles they made but unless they can find a way to turn that pride into profit we may see them go the way of the dodo in the near future.

I also think this could be the end of the line for the Gears of War and God of War franchises.

But while we are here, let’s also take a look at the rumoured DLC and new skins coming to Gears of War; Judgement that were leaked today.

First off we have 5 new maps

GOW-Judgment-Museum GOW-Judgment-MausoleumGOW-Judgment-Hospital GOW-Judgment-DreadnoughtGOW-Judgment-Capitol

5 New Weapon Skins


9 New Armour Skins

GOW-Judgment-WhiteIvoryArmor GOW-Judgment-WarStripesGOW-Judgment-Rust GOW-Judgment-NightmareArmorGOW-Judgment-MoltenSteelArmor GOW-Judgment-LocustGOW-Judgment-Ice GOW-Judgment-CrazyTaxiGOW-Judgment-Anatomy

Oh and if you see this gun somewhere, stop and thank the holder for helping make an awesome game


Last Updated: April 17, 2013

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