Is Google entering the console market?

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According to “people familiar to the issue” Google is planning on jumping into the console business in Spring this year with the release of an Android console.

Google does some incredibly cool things and also has a long track record of spectacular failures as they aren’t scared to try anything to see if it works. Well in my humble opinion if they do decide to enter the console wars they are lining themselves up for yet another magnificent failure.

Google at king at search and not much else to be honest. The Android operating system is very cool but massively fragmented and while there are a ton of games that work on Android they aren’t actually games that people want to play on their TV.

Just look at the terrible reviews of the Ouya to see that entering the console market is a bit more complicated than throwing a box together and hoping people will make good games for it.

However according to the sources the only reason Google is doing this is to counter Apple’s expected entry in the market. Which will also be a failure so I guess they’ll have someone to whine to about how the market is closed and controlled by the main publishers.

Last Updated: June 28, 2013

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